About Us - Department of Public Enterprise

Our Vision

“Our vision is to be a catalyst and adaptive institution that promotes sustainable economic prosperity for all”.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to ensure prudent public finance management and setting the direction of Namibia’s economic and fiscal policy for sustainable, inclusive economic growth and development.”

Our Values


We shall do the right thing even when nobody is looking.


We shall be accountable for our actions


We shall be open, consistent and fair to each other and our stakeholders.

Value for Money

We shall not waste public resources.

Courtesy and Helpfulness

We shall treat each other and our stakeholders with respect and care.

Code of Conduct

The Department of Public Enterprises is involved in a process that will require an extreme level of dynamism and strong leadership to facilitate the transformation of the sector. We are anticipating a high level of variables due to the uncharted territory we are entering and careful navigation will be required to avoid undue potentially expensive mistakes. I believe that strong relationships with integrity and trust should form the basis of our interaction with the Public Enterprises.

To achieve this, DPE officers must comply with the Namibia Public Sector Code of Ethics 2008 (the Code of Ethics), the principles of which are:

Personal integrity:

we act with care and diligence and make decisions that are honest, fair, impartial and timely, and consider all relevant information.

Relationship with others:

we treat people with respect, courtesy and sensitivity and recognize their interests, rights, safety and welfare.


we use the resources of the State in a responsible and accountable manner that ensures the efficient, effective and appropriate use of human, natural, financial and physical resources, property and information.