Directorate: Governance and Financial Advice

The Aims and Objectives of the Directorate Governance and Financial Advice

In accordance with the overall Mission of the Ministry of Public Enterprise, that is: to position Namibia’s key SOE’s to play their meaningful role in the sustainable development of Namibia. The Directorate therefore aims to measure and evaluate the entire performance spectrum of public enterprise in the country, with reference to the effective implementation of business strategic plans; a critical and comprehensive evaluation of the annual financial performance of specific PE’s; analysis of information about institutional efficiency; socio-economic impact assessment and evaluation and the extent to which effective service delivery takes place within specific PEs, for them to realize their national mandates.

In addition, the Directorate’s functions, is in line with the corporate vision of the MPE, which aims to position the PEs through advisory services, by conducting sectorial economic research, this is enhancing performance of PEs through supportive and collaborative timeous intervention.

The Directorate Governance and Financial Advice endeavor to achieve this critical, technical, and timeous and much needed intervention through the delivery of the following core activities and functions:

  • 1.Enhance Good Corporate Governance, by establishing generally accepted common principle of corporate governance
  • 2.Empower Public Enterprises, by providing suitable leadership, and by ensuring latest systems are in place.
  • 3 Ensure adequate funding and utilization of funds, as well as, effective and sustainable deployment of resources at the PEs disposal.
  • 4. Conduct continuous Sectoral Economic Research, and feeding the data back to the PEs.