The Ministry of Public Enterprises, is an institution established to position Namibia’s key State- Owned Enterprises to play their meaningful role in the country’s development. The Ministry will also ensure that State-Owned Enterprises are placed in a position where they are well managed and not presenting a financial burden to the state.  

The Ministry has introduced generally accepted common principles of corporate governance. It streamlined the legal framework, reviewed guidelines and established common policy frameworks and directives.  All these above have to be designed with the aim to translate PEs into effective and efficient agents for the implementation of the National Development Plans which are essential to the achievement of Vision 2030.

The Ministry would like to strive for adequate capitalization of PEs in order for them to meaningfully fulfil their role. The Ministry of Public Enterprises is also tasked to enhance the skills and knowledge of those who are at the helm of fulfilling the policy and administrative responsibilities of PEs as well as those that are ensuring accountability and sense of achievement/accomplishment.