Public Enterprises : No-Commercial

Non-Commercial Public Enterprises resort under their respective portfolio Ministries


Public Enterprises(PEs)


Establishment Acts

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Accreditation Board of Namibia

To provide for the accreditation and conformity assessment of certain bodies in Namibia.

Accreditation Board of Namibia Act 8 of 200


Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia  (CRAN)

CRAN is the official regulator of the Namibian communications, broadcasting and postal services sector

Communications Act 2009 (Act 8 of 2009).



Diamond Board of Namibia

To provide for control measures in respect of the possession, the purchase and sale, the processing, import and export of diamonds amongst others.

Diamond Act 13 of 1999


Electricity Control Board

The core mandate of the ECB is to exercise control over the electricity supply industry with the main responsibility of regulating electricity generation, transmission, distribution, supply, import and export in Namibia through setting tariffs and issuance of licenses.

Electricity Act 2 of 2000; which has subsequently been repealed by the Electricity Act, 4 of 2007


Fisheries Observer Agency


We contribute towards sustainable utilization of Marine Resources within the Namibian EEZ and international waters by providing an efficient and a transparent service to all stakeholders through actively monitoring the compliance with marine legislation and the collection of relevant and reliable scientific data

Marine Resources Act, 2000 (Act No.27 of 2000)


Karakul Board of Namibia


Regulates and promotes Karakulpelts and wool

Karakul Pelts and Wool Act, 1982 (Act No.14 of 198



Meat Board of Namibia

Meat Board of Namibia is to promote a conducive environment for Meat Board of Namibia sustainable livestock production, market growth and diversification for livestock, meat and meat products.t

Meat Industry Act, 1981 (Act No.12 of 1981)


Namibian Agronomic Board       (NAB)

To promote the agricultural industry and to facilitate the production, marketing and processing of controlled products in Namibia 

Agronomic Industry Act, 1992 (Act No. 20 of 1992)


Namibia Board of Trade






Namibia Broadcasting Corporation   (NBC)

Other sources of income are the sale of air time and programs, the issuing of yearly television licenses and the renting out of transmitters.

Namibian Broadcasting Act, 1991 (Act 9 of 1991)
Communications Act, 2009 (Act No. 8 of 2009)

11 Namibia College of Open Learning  (Namcol)

Secondary education To provide learning opportunities for adults and out-of-school youth.

Namibian College of Open Learning Act, 1997,(Act No.1 of 199)
12 National Commission on Research, Science & Technology

To establish and strengthen a national system that promotes, develops and informs Research, Science, Technology and Innovation through effective coordination to realize a knowledge-based society.


Research Science and Technology Act, 2004 (Act no 23 of 2004

Namibia Competition Commission    (NCC)

To safeguard and promote competition in the Namibian market; to establish the Namibian Competition Commission and make provision for its powers, duties and functions; and to provide for incidental matters.

Competition Act, 2003 (Act No. 2 of 2003)


Namibia Estate Agents Board

The purposes of regulating and controlling the activities of estate agents in the public interest.

Estates Agents Act (Act no. 112 of 1976


Namibia Financial Institution Supervisor Authority (Namfisa)

To establish an Authority to exercise supervision over the business of financial institutions and over financial services; to provide for the functions and powers of the Authority; and to provide for incidental matters.

Namibia Financial Institutions Supervisory Authority Act 3 of 2001


Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust (NFCPT)

Their mandate is to promote the consumption of fish throughout the country and ensure that promotion of fish consumption goes hand in hand with imparting of skills on how to prepare different cuisines of fish

Namibia Fish Consumption Promotion Trust


Namibia Institute for Mining Technology (NIMT)

(NIMT) is a Technical vocational training institute in Arandis , Namibia and offers Vocational Education and Training Skills

Namibia Institute for Mining Technology


Namibia Institute of Public Administration & Management     (NIPAM)

Tertiary education for Government

The purpose of NIPAM is to transform the public service in Namibia through improving management, leadership and professional competencies.

NIPAM Act 2010 (Act 10 of 2010)


Namibia Press Agency (Nampa)

National news agency of the Republic of Namibia responsibe for distribute of local, Regional and international news

Namibia Press Agency Act. No 3 of 1992


Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA)

To oversee the development and implementation of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

National Qualifications Framework Act No 29 of 1996


Namibia Sport Commission (NSC)

To provide for the establishment of the Namibia Sports Commission and to provide for its powers and functions; to provide for the establishment of the Sports Development Fund; to provide for the registration and regulation of national sports bodies and national umbrella sports bodies.

Namibia Sports Act, 2003 (Act No. 12 of 2003)


Namibia Standards Institution     (NSI)

The Institution is responsible for enhancing product quality, industrial efficiency and productivity in Namibia

Standards Act (Act No. 18 of 2005)


Namibian Statistic Agency (NSA)

Provide for the development of the National Statistics System and provide for its components and objectives; to establish the Namibia Statistics Agency and the Board of the Namibia Statistics Agency and provide for their powers and functions.

Statistics Act No. 9 of 2011


Namibia Tourism Board (NTB)

To regulate the tourism industry and to market Namibia as a tourist destination.

Namibia Tourism Board Act, 2000 (Act 21 of 2000)


Namibia Training Authority (NTA)

Vocational education To regulate and fund the provision of Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Namibia by ensuring that VET programmes and services meet current and future business and industry needs.

Vocational Education and Training Act (Act 1 of 2008)


Namibia University for Science and Technology (NUST)

NUST is a Tertiary education that providing tertiary education to Namibian Nation.

Tertiary Education (Act No. 13 of 1980).


Namibia Water Corporation (Namwater)

To establish the Namibia Water Corporation Limited; to regulate its powers, duties and functions; to provide for a more efficient use and control of water resources

Namibia Water Corporation Act 12 of 1997


National Arts Gallery of Namibia (NAGN)

Its main focus is to establish a systematic programme that provides the optimal methodology for informing and inspiring the general public about visual and cultural arts in the country.

National Art Gallery of Namibia Act 14 of 2000.

29 National Disability Council of Namibia (NDCN)

Catering for Namibian people living with disability

National Disability Council Act, 2004 (Act No.26 of 2004)


National Heritage Council (NHC)

It is the national administrative body responsible for the protection of Namibia's natural and cultural heritage

National Heritage Act, Act No. 27 of 2004


National Housing Enterprises (NHE)

To provide for the continued existence of a body corporate established for the purpose of providing for the housing needs of the inhabitants of Namibia; to provide for the change of its name to that of “National Housing Enterprise�; to provide for its powers, duties and function

National  Housing Enterprise Act 5 of 1993


National Theater of Namibia (NTN)

The National Theatre promotes the development, conservation and maintenance of Dramatic Arts in Namibia; among other things, a youth development program

National Theatre of Namibia (Association not for gain)


National Youth Council of Namibia (NYC)

To address the challenges, opportunities and obstacles facing young peoples in Namibia and to foster among the Namibian youth a spirit of national identity, a sense of unity and self respect, as well as in depth awareness of social, economic, political and cultural prospects and adversities

National Youth Council Act, 2009 (Act No. 3 of 2009


National Youth Service (NYS)

To provide for the establishment of the National Youth Service and the Youth Service Fund; to provide for the management and administration of the Service; to provide for recruitment to and participation in the Service

National Youth Service Act 6 of 2005


New Era Publication Corporation (NEPC)

New Era is published by the New Era Publication Corporation, which is owned by the Government of Namibia.

New Era Publication Corporation Act,1992 (Act No.1 of 1992


Security Enterprises and Officers Regulation Board (SEORB)

To establish a Security Enterprises and Security Officers Regulation Board; to regulate the registration of security enterprises and security officers; to establish a fidelity guarantee fund.

Security Enterprises and Security Officers  Act 19 of 1998

37 Social Security Commission (SSC)

SSC’s principal purpose is to administer the Funds established by the aforementioned statutes, a Maternity Leave, Sick Leave and Death Benefit Fund (MSD Fund); a Development Fund (DF)

Social Security Act, 1994 (Act No. 34 of 1994)

University of Namibia  (UNAM)

The University of Namibia (UNAM) is the largest and leading National institution of higher education in the country. It is a diverse institution with a student population from all over the Continent

University of Namibia Act, 1992 (Act No.18 of 1992